Impervious: Can'  It's not hurting me...but I can't move it--even using my shield as leverage.  What is it? So...heavy...Hector: Rock samples.  My wife was a geologist before she took a few years off to help raise our son.  That cabinet, rocks and all, weigh a ton.  Literally.

Impervious: I' sirens? You'll be may have pinned me--but you tried to kill me before--and somehow that explosion changed me. I'll...*ungh* get free.Hector: You broke into my home.  I'm perfectly justified in defending myself against a lunatic breaking into my home. Invulnerable?  Let's tst that... Impervious: Your knife...that reflection...

Hector; Reflection?  Odd thing to noitce...I'm quite good with a knife.  Impervious: I saw that armored a reflection on my shield.  Hector: What woman?  Evidently you're invulnerable--and insane.




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