Gunman: False alarm! Just a deer! Pearson; Good. If the police came-- Ganster: It'd be most unfortunate--for you and Senor Hector.Gangster: Understand: we just have business with those two. Still...if anyone else gets in our way...their youngest brother lives nearby.  Pearson: Yes. In a group home for the....mentally handicapped.

Gangster: A home you disdain. I can tell it from your voice.  Pearson: I-I could develop the land--use it to drive up property values-- Gangster: but those two--would defend their brother's home?Yes. Our interests run together.  Perhaps...we could make a deal?

Vickipedia: James Pearson: City councilman, father-in-law to Hector Prinn. Beta waves from brain indicate fear, excitement and perhaps...opportunity?




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