Mrs. Hitchins: Hi, Tercero! Nano better?  Tercero: Yes, Senora Hitchins. Lorelei made him all better. Mrs. Hitchins: Lorelei's sweet.  Slow, but sweet.  Watch out, though-- Nano: Mew?Mrs. Hitchins: Mr. Saref's dog has wandered off--and he's big and mean and chews up cats like Nano for breakfast. Be careful on your... 'watergun walk'.  Nano: Mew?  Tercero: Fyoosh.

Father Vladimir: Hi, Tercero! Tercero: Hi, Padre Vladimir! Be careful--construction on that building's upper stories--Yes. Our interests run together.  Perhaps...we could make a deal?

Mr. Abrams: Tercero!! Don't step where I dropped that bottle!  Make sure no one steps on those sharp shards.  I'll get a broom.  Tercero: Si, Senor Abrams.  Nano: Mew?




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