Little Max: Let's see--the ony way to test the limits of how you've changed--is try something stupid. Hand on hot stove? Check. Hand in vise? Check. Drinking Drano? Check.Little Max: Wrapping yourself in barbed wire while hooking it to the spare effect, rolling in an electrified fence-- check. As I said--something stupid.  Who--? Max Grande: Nope.  Still nothing.

Max Grande: Let me turn it up-- Little Max: Any more and you'll short out the spare generator...the barbs alone should've shredded your skin--I'm so freaking out, Bro--hello? Hello?Little Max: No answer. Calling number unknown.  Not good. Max Grande: I'm not worried. I'm still going jogging. I need to clear my head.  Little Max: Sure, why not?  You can't be harmed..




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