Mindmistress: Obviously whoever the Monterro brothers were running from found them...hence the thug little max used the stun baton on...so where's Max Grande? And is he...indestructible?Cartel member1: Unghhh!!  It took fouir of us--but finally we pinned him down! Cartel member2: Si, but now what?  Our orders were to kill him--and we can't!  Max Grande: Unhh! Cartel member1: Pepe! The rope!

Cartelmember1: See? Though freakighlyy, unbelievably tough--his great srength's still...human! Unite him. Three of you grab one side of the ropes--three of you grab the other--Cartel member1: So, what are we--officially?  Mission of mercy: conveying a soon-to-die patient to his homeland.  Which is--almost--the truth.




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