Mindmistress: Put away your guns--the deflected bullets just endanger you.  However, you can help me test something-- Gunman1: She's right--but we can overwhelm her! Gunman2: Flawless spanish. Gunman3: Off, you crazy--Mindmistress: --My new magenetic back clasp holding my staff in place--under actual combat conditions! Gunman1: Get her! Gunman2: Ungh!! Gunman3: Hold still, you-- Guman4: Whuh!

Mindmistress: Excellent! Both my hands free--without losing my staff! Gunman1: Ulffh! Gunman2: Ungh! Mindmistress: If you guys get tired of murdering, drug smuggling, and kidnapping--you have a future as crash test dummies!




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