Mindmistress: Annnd here come the police.  My cue to leave. Gunman: Wait! If we have to tell everything, we'll tell them about you... Mindmistress: Go ahead.  Incredulity is a thorn that stabs deep.Cassie: Tercero--it's little Max!  He has to talk to the DEA? But he'll be back in a few days. Tercero: Great! And--Max Grande? He says they got--separated.

Tercero: Awwww...but at least Little max's coming back! What's the--Dee-Eee-Aay?  Cassie: A gov'ment agency--somethin' t'do with drugs. Tercero: Still--at last one brother'll be back. Things're lookin' up...Tercero: Maybe someone up there's--lookin' out for us!  Monitor: Intelligence possibly detected.  Aedenite monitor entering atmosphere of target world. Air friction? Lnading impact? No protection needed.  Hyperbonding is protection enough.




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