Lorelei: This ring's the quickest way she can test that silly statue. It's the only thing with diamonds I ever let Daddy talk me into takin'. I 'member that Christmas...Lorelei: Daddy! Why? I hate wearin' dresses! 'Spensive rings're not me! Lyons: I know. I just couldn't resist. I wanted you--just once--to wear something beautiful--like you.

Mindmistress (Capt.): Good. Cassie's brainwaves indicate deep sleep. Lorelei'd rather be naked on network television than wear ornate jewelry. But I can use this. Ring, meet spear.Mindmistress (Capt): Bingo. The spear scratched the diamond--not vice versa. Only a hyperbonded object could do that. But who--? And why appear here? Now?  What alarm did I-- trigger?




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