Hello.  I've got you on speakerphone.  Hope that's all right.  My wife and kid are at her mother's till the grand jury meets.Hector: I have an electric fence--and if they got past that, there's attack dogs.  Short of a SEAL team attack, I'm not worried about any invader.

Hector: Thanks to your getting me involved with those--those-- well, I'm now being named in a case involving an international drug cartel.  My reputation is shot.  So's my tea party membership.Hector: Oh...and I'm told some of the cartel members found the large Monterro brother-- the one in the explosion.  They shot him, knifed him--finally threw him out of a plane.

Hector: He must have been harder to kill than Rasputin. But now that he was tossed from a plane, there's nothing to connect him with me--one less--invonvenience.




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