Daniels: If we need to invent a 'legacy' for  you--her'es a 'Golden Age' Mindmistress--Silver AGe---Bronze age--Mindmistress: Clever--if you like rewriting history.... Daniels: Are you kidding, lady?Mindmistress: Leo Daniels: This is PC/PR Comcs---rewriting continuity is what we live for. Mindmistress: Let's not belabor the tinly-veiled criticism, shall we...?  Copy boy: Mr. Daniels! Check out the network's breaking news!

Newscaster: Dan Bowman, who starred as 'The Ultimate' on the silver screen--has suffered the 'ultimate' loss--paralyzed from the neck down after a car accident-- Writer: That's...awful!  Mindmistress: What a tragedy...Writer: Yeah. He paved the way...nowadays practically every comics characer has been optioned for a possible major movie deal...to say nothing of Cartoon Network animated versions... Mindmistress: That's....true.

Mindmistress: My mistake.  Many fans still think they're in a 'geek ghetto' as they were---decades ago.  Comics are now big business.  Cartoons, movies--even my Dad's familiar with them.Mindmistress: --Researching this--I mistakenly picked up the 'geek subculture' vibe.  I want recognition as a fictional character--but not so popular--that everyone knows 'my' life's details...like Dad...

Mindmistress: ...The police...or my enemies.  --If 'I' join a team--and it's made inot a major movie---where anyone knowing Lorelei would see similarities--no.  Too risky. Sleep. Forget.Mindmistress: Paradoxically, I want recognition by occasional fans--but not a household word.  At least...in America...hmmm.  Manga's popularity's growing...but---no American nonanimated major movie deals--yet.




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