Bowman: I'm Dan Bowman.  This is Lake Toba.  One hundred kilometers long, thirty kilometers wide. Sumatra.  Indonesia.  One of the most beautiful places on Earth. ...That nearly exterminated all mankind.Bowman: Seventy-four thousand years ago this supervolcano erupted.  It was a force eight eruption.  Mt. St. Helens was a five.  Eight thousand square miles were immediately destroyed.  Bloodlust (Capt.): Destroyed?  That's...interesting.

Bowman: Spread westward by equitorial winds, volcanic ash covered the Indian subcontinent six inches deep.  The 'volcanic winter' lowered temperatures from three to fifteen degrees over the next decade.Bowman: A hundred billion tons of slphuric acid released into the atmosphere, causing corrosive acid rains... Bloodlust (Caption): Acid rains. Literally earth-shaking explosion.  Ash everywhere.  How cool is that? I'm getting...excited.



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