Bloodlust (Caption): Okay--robot targeted. That's a phrase you don't hear everyday--camouflage colorblend in effect. (Bright red makes one an easier target.) Shoulder rocket launcher primed. Missle awaaayyy...Bloodlust (Caption): No go.  Ineffective. In fact the explosion is--imploding--into the robot?  Now what do I do?  He's too far away for my 'specialized' new weapons-- Alvin/Unstop1: What? Attacking me?  You're dead meat!

Alvin/Unstop1: I'm not the Alvimn Ness everyone laughed at, any more--I've gone through mountains of solid rock--oceans of lava--I'm...unstoppable!  Nothing can hurt me...that flash...?Alvin/Unstop1: Lorelei...? Lorelei!  So.  Gone.  She's gone.  You thought this up, didn't you?  Figured you could fool me.  See how smart you are---when you're in pieces!  Bloodlust (Capt.): Uh oh.  Not good.



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