Forceful: The robots---they're still hovering-- Mindmistress: Momentarily. Don't get under them.  You remember Looney Tune cartoons? How Wile E. Coyote would stay in mid-air until--he realized he was in mid-air then--Mindmistress: --Fell like a rock? Forceful: Yow!! Mindmistress: --Fell like a rock?  The robots had a few seconds before their systems saw no overriding control--and then...shut down. Their huge mass goes through solid rock like air--

Mindmistress: Aaaa!! Dragging me with it!!! Bloodlust (Caption): Yes.  She can't fly--her armor, her field, can't protect her from being buried alive--am I finally rid of her?  Die already, Mindmistress!Forceful: Got you ! Mindmistress: Thanks! All their remains--falling into this growing pit--plunging below--buried--like they never were--poor Alvin.  Bloodlust (Capt.): Aw, C'mon. I had her.  I was almost free of her.



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