Forceful: MM? Can you--? Mindmistress: Gunshot wound inmid-section at point-blank range--it had to do major damage.  Tryon?  Still with us--? Tryon: be...dead... Mindmistress: Pulse erratic... Mindmistress: Fortunately we're at a medical disponsary--gauze, diinfectant, bandages-- Forceful: Vengeful took off--  Mindmistress: Of course he did.  Forceful: Should I--? Mindmistress: Later. I may need another pair of hands-- Tryon: Lungs--burning--painful--

Forceful: Phil--sorry about this.  Tryon: 'Sokay, Boy.  Y'know--only you...could find a way to method act a superhero movie.  How exactly--?  Forceful: Her. Calling her an genius is an insult.Mindmistress: Signs stabilizing--for now.  The bullet didn't exit, though, and there's extensive internal damage-- Forceful: 'Catwalk' him to a hospital in the States?  'Compel' the doctors?  Tryon: Won't do...any good...



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