Dan Bowman (Caption): I had been an actor on Broadway--cast as the superhero called 'The Ultimate'--a blockbuster movie star. I had a beautiful wife---two wonderful boys--life was perfect.Dan Bowman (Caption): We celebrated with champagne. Fine wines. Vodka. At banquets. Parties. Award ceremonies. I kept on saying I wasn't an...alchoholic. Self-deceiving...too accomplished an actor to show it.

Dan Bowman (Caption): Even behind the wheel--I acted sober enough to fool my wife---but as I drunkenly passed one car---I couldn't fool the onrushing truck that was coming...their screams...Dan Bowman (Caption): 48 hours later... Agent: Dan! Finally you're awake... Dan Bowman (Caption): My agent was at my bedside. Dan: Maggie? The boys--? Agent: You'll have to know, sooner or later--they're gone, Dan. You? Extensive spinal damage.

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