Forceful: Unhhh!!! I've got to work on my landings... Mindmistress: You okay? Most of the debris is falling a good distance away.... Forceful: I'm fine. ---But your machine is smashed.Mindmistress: Well, at least it worked.   Let me get these remaining pieces off you---I saved two bedrolls off the jeep--- Forceful: Good. It's been a loooong day...

Forceful: Of course...just medically speaking...I haven't tried out all my muscles.... Mindmistress: No. Even if I were inclined---and I'm not---hundredfold strength. You'd kill any woman---losing control.Forceful (Caption): Made sense. Gruesome sense. But, it didn't help that all my muscles had been returned to normal or better-than-normal condition...or that she was so...close.

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