Forceful: Now...are you the one who sent those drone-jets at us? Fire-tanks?  Avalanches? Man-Mountain: I like my privacy---and dislike your tone.  Mindmistress: Forceful? Forceful: Yeah?  Mindmistress: Jump. Forward. Now.Forceful: Jump? Okay, but whyyyyAIIIIIII???? Mindmistress: You were saying---?  Man-Mountain: I suggest you be polite to me...I can crush ceiling to effortlessly as you would blink an eye.

Forceful: You tried to kill me!!!  Man-Mountain:If I'm behind the drone-jets, fire-tanks, avalanches, et cetera---I've been trying for awhile.  Forceful: Why, you--- Mindmistress: But oddly---he seems to be concentrating on you!Mindmistress: 'Big Brother' here needs Forethought or myself for some reason---but considers you---disposable.  Man-Mountain; And rude.  Insolent.  A hundred men's strength---nearly crushed---by a thousand horsepower press.

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