Vicki: Sorry, boss.... Man-Mountain: Small loss. I value my privacy.  Mindmistress: Ahhh,  I wondered when you'd make an appearance... Forceful: A collective 'face'---made from thousands of your crazy, tiny, shaping machines?Man-Mountain: This mountain---is myself. Every tunel, every crag, every peak.  Mindmistress: This is a prison for you, Kun Wei Tai. Forceful: Stuck in an unmoving 'body'? That's no way to live---believe me.

Man-Mountain: We all have weaknesses---for instance---our 'forceful' friend isn't bothered by cold---running bare-chested in Tibetan cold--or flames...but if I raise the temperature-- Forceful: *Unhh* Mindmistress: Dan--?Man-Mountain:  His immense energies have no outlet---nlike the flames in the open air---and he shuts down, like an overheated engine.  Forceful: Unhhh!!!  Mindmistress: ---And falls directly into a hidden opening?

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