Frenzy: That disconnects the alarm system...good thing this wing of the hospital was makes entry easy.  Deadly: The Minton boy is definitely in this hospital? Wrath: So our sources claim.Wrath: The room should be right up these strairs-- Deadly: But after that--what?  The kid must die, of course. No one messes with us.  But we're still...incurable.  Freaks...forever.

Wrath: Here we....are... Vicki (off-camera): Come in, come in....we've been expecting you.Rusty: Wh-who are you?? Vicki: Rusty---I'm Vicki.  Vicki from the forums---the emails-- Rusty: I've been emailing an...angel? Vicki: Don't be silly. I'm not an angel... Frenzy: Abort mission? Deadly: Seconded.

Rusty: Well, tha'ts a relief... Vicki: I'm a holographic artificial intelligence. Rusty: Oh...? Wrath: Ummmm...Rusty: What??? Vicki: *Sigh*  Wrath: Abort. Definitely. Too weird...




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