Wrath: So--what'll it be?  Georgia as lifeless as the dark side of the moon---or--? Rusty: She's going to give me up.  I know it. She can't allow a--holocaust.Vicki: No, she's not. have faith in the boss. Rusty: But she's fighting the Black Death--in triplicate.  I'd give me up--if I were her. Vicki: Shhh. Listen. Mindmistress: An empty vengeance--

Mindmistress: ---For a death Rusty Minton regrets more than you---his own mother's.  Dr. Minton couldn't cure you.  She just contained you.  Only someone inhumanely brilliant---might cure you.Mindmistress: Someone able to make exoskeletal armor--casual mass hypnotic illusions--dimensional gateways... Wrath: You're --- offering to help us? Mindmistress: No guarentees. But curing you is in both our interests.




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