Mindmistress: Sorry. It's one thing to intellectually know alcohol's a depressant... Zane: It's okay.  You look...better.  Mindmistress: Splashing cold water works wonders.  Sorry it's such a weird date... Zane: I've a confession.Zane: I liked seeing your vulnerable side.  Never met anyone like you... you make me feel like a dim-witted kid...always...five steps ahead of me.  Mindmistress: Just five?  Zane: Not funny.

Zane: I'm fascinated.  You're pretty quiet in our role-playing group...but when Jan's truck broke down--you repaired it--in minutes.  When Thomas brought that exchange student...you alked in his native..xitsonga?Zane: When Roy was being audited...you knew off-hand an obscure tax law that saved him thousands.  When Troy's Mom got sick--your suggestions kept the doctor from fatally misdiagnosing her.  Mindmistress: Great. See the freak.



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