Lorelei: No!! Not like...that!!! Not because you're stinking drunk...hands off!! Caedmon: Lorelei...? Wow, what a right cross... Paul: Unlhhh!!Paul: Owww...cripes. Lorelei? I grabbed you?  I'I'm sorry...too drunk...I'd never--if I realized it was you-- Lorelei: Never? Great. 'Course not, right?  Gee, thanks. Caedmon: Smooth, Paul.  Monica: C'mon, Lorelei--

Paul: Sorry.  Can't I...celebrate? Lorelei:Yeah. Should'nta come...that was dumb. Ths's your night.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  Like always, hugh? Paul: Look, Lorelei--I'll drive you home, Lorelei. Caedmon, stay with Paul.Lorelei: Sorry. Spoiled your dinner... Monica: Paul passing out drunk did that. Lorelei: The way Paul looked---when he knew he'd kissed me...like he'd kissed a seven-year-old girl..or a...monkey.



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