Officer: You won't press charges?  MM: Look, they were drunk....thought they were protecting helpless animals.  They're paying Zane and Phil's medical's...enough. Lovelace: Officer...when you're done with this witness...Lovelace: I'd like to treat her to some coffee.  Officer: Det. Lovelace?  This isn't a homicide-- Mindmistress: Percival.  Lovelace: Interviewed a knifefight victim--then heard about three bouncers--ex-professional wrestlers--trounced by one woman.

Lovelace: Anyway, when I heard the attacked woman was a good-looking grey-eed brunette.... Mindmistress:  Lovelace: Yeah.  You clean up well, sans the silver armor-- dating, huh?  Mindmistress: It was a disaster.Lovelace: Look, you deserve some fun, too--between your super-science---sending me tips solving my homicide cases...Mindmistress: Fun?? Humiliation and embarassment, rather. Lovelace: For you--or three ex-wrestlers you casually kayoed?  Mindmistress: Both.



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