Andi: You did it! It's stopped!! Ohhh. Ahhh...sorry about the nudity.  Percy: Trust me. You have nothing to apologize for. Andi: It was for some stupid shoot...some teasing Vogue ad.Cassie: Andi? You okay? Finn: Hey, that's my lady... Andi: I was, Finn. We both know it was dying, 'love me more than life itself'---is that why you left me to scream, to almost get eaten? Percy (Caption): If looks could kill, Finn would have murdered me then.

Mindmistress: 'Scuse me, detective--- Percy: Oh! Oh, yeah... Andi: Who's she...your partner?  Percy: In a sense---what have you been through, lady?Mindmistress: Let's just should have seen the other guy. You still have the head? Percy: Sure. Why is it so important?


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