Mindmistress: I remember when my father, hidden from his time-manipulations by his wife, humbled the Lord Temporal---and he was sentenced to the island of eons. The architect of the skyhooks and the worldring fought with him, among many others...all with a stake in the old regime.Mindmistress: I had mixed feelings about him---he was the most absolute tyrant our culture had ever known---he crshed dissent ruthlessly, and manipulated time to eliminate it ever happening---and he was my father's father, and took me on walks when I was little, and delighted in spoiling me, and laughing at my first jokes. It was...hard to reconcile.

Sophia---I still think of you as a little girl, and you're all grown up---you may be dust before I'm released. I don't want to leave this locket where anyone can take it. Please have it---I can think of no better guardian. Mindmistress: As you wish---grandfather.Lord Temporal: You'll probably be an old woman by the time I'm settled in, in that thousandfold slowed time---so this is truly---goodbye. Guard the locket well. The fate of all Athea---all existence--is tied to it. Mindmistress: Goodbye...Grandfather. (Caption) I hid my tears. He hated to see me cry...

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