Hatrid: You lied!  Mindmistress: Golly. You were about to cause the death of billions, and I told a small lie. Do you think I'll ever forgive myself? Hatrid: I'll escape in minutes... Mindmistress: I'm counting on it...Mindmistress: ...Because when you do escape, that trap will send out an electromagnetic pulse over 100 cubic miles---utterly destroying any digital or electronic pattern.  Hatrid: In Washington, DC? The hub of the most powerful country in the world?  You're bluffing! Mindmistress: Oh, you won't be here long...

Mindmistress: The othe end of this 'catwalk' is at a bed of magma 500 miles under the earth. The 'trap' is made of the most heat-resistant materials I could devise...you could last centuries here...but if you try to escape, the EMP wave will get you. Have fun, Hatrid. Hatrid: Nooooo...!!Mindmistress: *Whew* Vicki: Uh, Boss, I never saw you testing an EMP wave device... Mindmistress: Of course not, Vicki. I barely had time to rig up the rest of the trap...but the only way he can test that is to escape...and that he'll never do...if he's wrong, he'll cease to exist. Trapped by his own beliefs, not reality...as I was.


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