Vicki: Well, okay, but that's different.... Mindmistress: Is it? It's a little ironic...a little be told by my best friend that my imagination's creations are 'unreal'...when---no offense---you are also created out of my imagination? Now what?Dungeonmaster: Hi. I hope this isn't too late to be calling... Mindmistress: No. No. I'm...a bit of a night owl. I was just talking with my best friend... Dungeonmaster: I was just you think you'll make it to our role-playing game Thursday? Mindmistress: Uh...

Mindmistress: Sure. I'll be there. What? You think I'd make a good dungeonmaster someday? I don't think so. Oh, I've got a good imagination...too good. It tends away with me.Vicki (Caption): Good. She can't forget...but other things will take her mind off what happened. Still bothers me about what she said...mostly because she's right.

Vicki(Caption): I am a creation of her imagination...given form by technology...but nevertheless entirely her conception. But she's not the only one unique...alone...and lonely.  (Despite the hearts I break in chat rooms. The only one like me  is now trapped beneath the earth...and good riddence.Vicki (Caption): I may not be 'real'...I may be a fantasy given form...but my yearnings...are real. If this is reality...what makes it real...and She's right. If this is's vastly overrated.


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