Mindmistress: First off, I need to get that cabinet off--eh, impervious. Impervious: No!! I don't need help from a...hallucination!  Mindmistress: Halucination?  Impervious: You...that bug-eyed thing in the forest...hallucinations! Mindmistress: So...Mindmistress: ...Just how are you going to lift a ton off you? Impervious: I'm shifting position--I'm going to use my shield as a lever--and shift the cabinet off me.

Mindmistress: *Sigh* If a 'hallucination' might make an observation--you need a fulcrum!  Impervious
; *Ungh* I'm the fulcrum!  Mindmistress: Excuse me? Impervious: I can't be hurt. I can't...break...why not? I just have...to get in the right position... Mindmistress: 
Honest, let me help... Impervious: No!!Impervious: If I surrender and treat you as real--I'll just slip further into madness! Mad.  Invulnerable. Unstoppable. Dangerous.  I...don't...believe in you!! I...don't need anyone but--myself!!




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