Hector: Um. If she's a hallucination, I'm seeing her too--now.  She just...popped out of nowhere. As far as I'm concerned--you're both pretty--unbelievable. Especially the way you dress.Impervious: You...see her too? Uh-oh.  It's worse than i thought.  I must be in a coma after that explosion.  None of this is really happening.  It explains so much.

Mindmistress: Believe me--the SWAT teams gathering outside are real.  They'll overpower you, 'Impervious', even if they can't hurt you.  They'll hold you for questioning, Hector.  Unless I do something.Mindmistress: Fortunately, I think I can. Impervious, you might think I'm a figment of your imagination. Let's see what this




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