Mindmistress: Hi. Al wrote something entirely different.  He wrote he was having difficulties with the story, and that, after ten years, perhaps he should turn to other pursuits.  I thought I'd tell the truth, though.This particular story dealt with drug cartels out of Mexico.  As a result, a large number of criminals were arrested...and very, very puzzled by what happened.  Unfortunately, more and more have access to the Internet,  even in prison.

Mindmistress: About halfway through telling this story, some started bribing their way out of prison. This story happened a while ago.  If I let Al reveal more than what he has so far...Mindmistress: ...Some may recognize themselves.  Putting at risk Al and his family...Lorelei, her father--so...I'm ending this. Still...(even though you don't believe this explanation...) it tickles me to tell you the real reason--knowing you won't believe it. Thanks for reading.

Mindmistress: Thanks for being too...clever? ...To be taken in.  I'm depending on it.  Vicki says bye.  So does Lorelei.   Al'll miss you most of all.  But at least for now...this is goodbye.



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