Mindmistress: Nano's still healing.  But now this mayfly's been hyperbonded--the first living being to be so treated.  I'll try to extract a blood sample...Mindmistress: --Except the needle won't penetrate.  The needle bends.  Next I'm going to raise the temperature of his cage very slowly.  At the first sign of distress--I'll stop it.

Mindmistress: All the vegetation's ablaze--but the mayfly's unharmed.  Even the smoke's not harming its respiration...thanks to selective hyperbonding--acting like a filter.Vicki: Wait--it's been hours since the flames--but it's not moving.  Not breathing.  You killed it, Boss. Mindmistress: No.  It's a mayfly. It just died...naturally...of old age.




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