Vicki: So now you've finally hyperbonded Nano... Mindmistress: Yes. Didn't want to interfere with his healing.   I also made some...modifications.  Implanting hyperbonding regulators under the skin.-Mindmistress: As shown by these shallow scratches on a steel block--I needed to modify the hyperbonding so the claws weren't affected.  Otherwise, claws harder than diamonds might slash Tercero.

Mindmistress: I did the same to his fur--else stroking his fur would be like running your fingers through razor sharp wire--cutting Tercero's fingers to ribbons.  Tercero: Nice gato...owwww!!!Vicki: Wait--it's been hours since the flames--but it's not moving.  Not breathing.  You killed it, Boss. Mindmistress: No.  It's a mayfly. It just died...naturally...of old age.

Mindmistress: Before it becomes-- permanent.




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