Little Max: Grande!  Hermano! Gangster1: Good. The giant's roasting--and the dwarf's rusing towards the fire.  Two for one!  Gangster2: Our job's done. Let's go!  The policia will come...Little Max: What?? How?? Max Grande: I-I don't know! I was reaching for Nano--then--boom!

Max Grande: My clothes---shredded--incinerated--but I'm fine!  Am I in--shock?  Little Max: No burns. Believe me--starkers as you are, I'd see them.  Look-- we can use this--Prinn: You blew up the house?? Gangster: And the towering, murderous ex-wrestler with it. We planted Meth Lab equipment in your abandoned house. ...To satisfy police. Insurance'll cover rebuilding.  Adios, Senor Prinn!




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