Lorelei: Sorry, we're closing--oh, hi, Max! Little Max: Lorelei--can you return Nano to Tercero? Lorelei: Huh? Sure--but why not do it yourself? Little Max: We have to disappear--for Tercero's safety.Little Max: A Mexican cartel followed us here---and now they think we're dead.  We're only safe if they keep believing that.  Lorelei: I don't understand--but I'll take Nano.

Okay, Nano--you're back to 'normal'--your claws and fur can't endanger anyone. But what of the two Maxes? Were either holding you when you--changed?Little Max: Okay, this shack in the middle of nowhere--can be our home for the next few months.  Dirt-chap...well-stocked...we'll lay low here---deep in the Georgia countryside.




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