Sheol: Burst of hyperbonding here much earlier.  Stealth megaquantum condition activated. Must track them down. They're no longer present. I must.Pearson: Prinn? No bodies? Hummm. long as the giant and the dwarf are gone-- there's no reason to disillusion a certain drug cartel South of the border.

Lorelei: Tercero, your brother dropped off Nano--but--he said they might be gone a while.  Terero: Again.  Lorelei: Sorry.  Don't understand why--but they said they had to. Tercero: Don't understand neither.

Sheol: That woman--I thought it was--but the brain wave pattern's different. That animal in the child's arms--is hyperbonded. A hyperbonded living creature.  And there's another...




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