Max Grande: Hey, Hermano! No hot water?  Little Max: You loco, Max Grande?  That steam's everywhere.  Max Grande:  Must be escaping through a pipe leak--the water's just... lukewarm.Max Grande: Stupid cheapjack razor... Little Max: Now what?  Max Grande: Razor's not cutitng--the blade looks...shredded.  Llittle Max: What??  That's a new razor!  Max Grande: Demand your money back.  It's junk.  Nothing's working today.

Max Grande: Actually, a beard might help me go unrecognized... Little Max: miraculously unscathed in an explosion--can't feel scalding hot shower--can't shave--hey, Bro--try clipping your fingernails. Max Grande: Oh-kay.  Why? Little Max: Humor me.Max Grande: Huh?? The clippers--the metal bends if I force it.   Little Max: Those clipers worked for me minutes ago. Max Grande: So--my nails're tougher than the blade??? Wh-what's happened to me?




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