Little Max: Don't look a gift miracle in the mouth. Max Grande: Am I sick? Little Max:  Do you feel sick?  Max Grande: No. I don't. But this isn't...natural.  Little Max: It isn't natural to survive explosions, either.

Little Max: do we make money off of this?  Sheol: Dormant files unlocked. Hyperbonded biological entity.  One sign that intelligence has advanced to near Aed'nite standards.Sheol: I remember. I remember what I was looking for.  Why I was created.  Two million years around their sun.  It's good to remember truly civilized minds.  To remember...Aed'n.

Sheol: Sheol. That's what that woman in silver called me, half a world away, recently.  She had...potential.  Is she behind this? No matter. My duty is clear.




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