Max Grande: Not...harmed? I dug a huge hole in the ground--but I'm not even aching.  Bulletproof.  Shockproof.  Bombproof. Falling-from-an-airplane-proof.  Seriously--what's happened to me?Max Grande: Some kind of tent down there... Preacher: So when Cain killed Abel.  How did God treat the first murderer? Did he demand blood for blood?  No.  Max Grande: Ah. A revival tent.

Preacher: God instead made Cain a wanderer-- gave him a mark to warn others not to harm him. And make no mistake, it WAS a punishment.  Cain begged to be executed.Preacher: In the Bible, man was given instructions on what to do with murderers--but God himself is more subtle in his judgements--rejecting harming--but marking as different---the bloodletter. Max Grande: Marking...?

Max Grande: Is that what this is about?  Because of what I did to save mi hermano, Max...because of my oath concerning...her?  Maybe this isn't a miracle--but a curse.




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