Mindmistress: So, yo're being chased by a drug cartel?  Who, the Zetas? The Gulf/ Knights Templar? los Negros? Or.... Little Max: Wow. You know your Mexican drug carels.  They're called...Los Meteoros.Little Max: Like everything else, the press sensationlizes. Mexican drug cartels don't affect the average Mexican any more than the average resident in Twenties' Chicago was affected by Al Capone. Still, they're powerful...

Little Max: So powerful that a Mexican Federal Police official decided to hire bodyguards for his young fiance--soon-to-be trophy wife...movie actress Cara Cigne. Tiring of being Luchadors, we volunteered-- Mindmistress: --And?Cara Cigne: Los Meteoros specialize in kidnappings as well as the drug trade. My fiance wants me to be always protected. So do the studios. Little Max: Watching you 24/7?  Max Grande: Senorita Cigne, it'll be our pleasure.




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