Cassie: Uh, Tercero, this is the home of the man who hurt Nano. Maybe we should go around, not get close... Tercero: Cassie! Look! What's that? Cassie: That's a good question...Cassie: An ugly little wooden statue...not sure what it's s'posed to be...a...snake-man?  Are those more eyes below the nose? They're throwin' it away...too bad. Wife: You want it?

Wife: Please take it, if you want it. My husband found it. IT doesn't loook Indian--he thinks some kids hid it, after carving it for some roleplaying game.Cassie: Thanks for helping me to get it back here, Tercero. Tercero: Nano seems to like it--but why do you? Cassie: Always liked the weird--the odd-- Tercero: The ugly? Because that is ug-ly!!




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