Cassie (Capt.): I had the strangest dream after that woman gave me that statue, Lorelei... Lorelei (Capt.): That statue would give anyone nightmares. Cassie: But it wasn't a nightmare. Not 'zactly..Cassie (Capt.): First there was a sun hanging in space...but it wasn't the sun. For one thing, it was orange.  It felt...old. Can a sun be orange? Old? Lorelei (Capt.): Dunno.

Cassie: It had 'leven planets, but most were huge. Mostly gas. Only one was like Earth.  Aeden.  But it had a lot less...metals? Iron there was rarer than (Capt.): The closest thing there to people were snake-people like that statue. MEtal-less. Stone age. Snake Flintstones. Two pais o' eyes. Top pair for reg'lar sight...lower pair saw heat...somehow.




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