Lorelei: So, Cassie--whata lookin' so thoughtful about? Cassie: I'm thinkin' I'm going nuts. Those dreams of Aeden--Aed'n?---seem so real. There's a...belt? Of comets 'round our sun...Cassie (Capt.): Aed'n's sky--its sun--has a bigger 'belt'--most nights have one comet--sometimes several.  Their clouds glow at night--lit by tiny glowey, germ-sized things, so pretty...

Cassie (Capt.): I dreamed the snakelike Aed'nites danced the Dance of Infinity...'round a fire near a delusion tree--it's fruit drives eaters crazy. So real. So crazy. So savage. Prim'tive.Cassie (Capt): Such weird dreams. I'm a city girl--I hate campin' hate the outdoors--why dream of snakey savages? Who'd want to live that way? T'me-- Big Max: Well, this sucks--




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