Big Max: Oh, it's you again. Sorry. Still not sharing what's left o my meal with you.Big Max: What?? What??? Come on!! You're bigger--stronger--but you still can't hurt me! I'm tougher!

Big Max: Chew me--claw me--it doesn't hurt.  I'll still cut off your windpipe, even throughthefolds of bear fat--Big Max: Go.  I don't have to fear anything--give up even a leg of roast rabbit--anymore. Nothing can hurt me. Sheol: Nothing?

Big Max: Great. Except-- my own mind.  Sheol: Hyperbonded.  Impenetrable skin. But subaed'nite mind. Who did this to you? The woman in silver?  Big Max: Who? I don't know any...'woman in silver'.





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