Sheol: So...this woman doesn't look familiar? Had no connection with your present state? She was my prime candidate--for true, Aed'n-level sentiency.  Big Max: You're the oddest hallucination ever. No.Big Max: She looks like a bad  mix of Iron Man and Batgirl.  I thought some lucador costumes were ugly...whoever she is..she's had no impact on my life. None. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

DEA agent: These cartel members confessing like crazy--also mention a silver-armored woman--did you see--?Little Max: Um. Sounds crazy to me.  But I can verify some cartel allies-- DEA agent: Tell us more.DEA Agent. Reynolds, DEA. Is your husband, Hector, home? We have a warrent for him as material witness against a Mexcian drug cartel case... Mrs. Prinn: H-H-Hector? Is this a joke?  Hector: Oh. No.





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