Impervious: Hello,  security cameras. The watchman's fine...if locked in a closet. i needed a shower.  I'm Maximillion Monterro--once a wrestler called...Impervious.  I'm either insane or...invulnerable. Oops.Impervious: I'm bulletproof: even explosions--falls from planes--wouldn't hurt me--let alone kill me. Needed clothes--as tough.  I modified my wrestling gear. Real metal. Chafing's...not a problem.

Impervious: The converted police riot shield has reflective coating--for camouflage, a good idea when you're six nine.  Razor-sharp edges.  The lower point's a blade. The 'shield' isn't The pants? SAme material as bomb protection suits. Why tell ou all this?  Because--I'm dangerous.  I believe I'm invulnerable.  I've taken lives in the past.  Don't...underestimate me.




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