Tercero: My bro is helping catch the bad guys--first a wrestler now--helpin' the cops!  Y'know he sent me all my water guns, Lorelei?Lorelei: Little Max may be small--but he's a hero.  Sort of like you, Tercero. As soon as he's finished helping the law, he'll be back--to take care of you.

Tercero: I just wish I knew where Max Grande was-- Lorelei: I bet he's thinking of you every single day.  You've got the best brothers ever. Cassie: Yeah, Mom? What? He did--what? But why would he--?Lorelei: Cassie, what's wrong? CAssie: They say Max Grande attacked a couple of cops--stole their car-- if we see him--Mom says we have to call the cops! Sounds so crazy--





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