Announcer: Today, Mexican authorities raided the stronghold and took into custody Enrique 'Adonis' Devega, rumored head of the drug cartel known as the Meteoros. The Meteoroes trafficked in kidnapping and drugrunning.Announcer: One of those liberated in the raid was actress Cara Cigne, who had been held for months by the Meteoros. She claims she was not abused. Specialists in Stockholm Syndrome are evaluating her now.

Little Max: I have to admit--I never thought the DEA and the Federales would ever pull it off. I thought DEvega was untouchable. And Senorita Cigne was rescued? Unharmed? That's a minor miracle.Little Max: When Senorita Cigne is feeling up to it--I'd love to talk to her.  To apologize for allowing her to be kidnapped--and everything that happened as a result.





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