Policeman1: Sowhy are we back at this shack again? Policeman2: Those DEA guys asked us to check on it occasionally--when all those cartel members started confessing like crazy here--some stragglers might-- Impervious: *Ahem*

Policeman1: Whoa!! How'd someone your size sneak up without us seeing you?  Impervious: Did it with mirrors. Modified riot control shield. Reflective coating. Policeman1: Raise your hands! Now!! Impervious: No. Policeman2: Keep back!

Impervious: Sorry. You have something I need. Policeman1: What?? The shield's not in front of him! How--?  Impervous: Oh, the shield's not for protection-- Policeman2: Sic 'em, boy!  Impervious: Careful. Fido'll hurt his teeth...

Policeman1: ...Laughed at bullets...worried about the dog's teth... Policeman2: ...And stole our patrolcar!! *Ungh* We'll never live this down.  Policeman1: Kept apologizing. Politist mugger ever.





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