Pearson: Come, Prinn. Let's get out of here. Hector Prinn: Pearson! At last. They arrested me--you wouldn't believe some of the things they asked me about-- Pearson: Not here. Come with me.Prinn: They accused me of links to that cartel--those Meteoros-- Pearson: Yes, they did me as well. Turns out, even before they contacted us about the killing of that wrestler--they were interested in us.

Pearson: Those recent purchases of your rural properties? That was actually funded by the Meteoroes--growing durgs here, rather than smuggling them across the border. Hector: What? I-I didn't know... Pearson: There's more...

Pearson: If you had found out, they would've blackmailed you for your part in the killing of that wrestler. The only lucky thing is that wrestler was never found--dead or alive. If he was--- Big Max: Good. This'll do.





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