Newscaster: Mexican actress Cara Cigne is visiting the Atlanta area. Recovering from her kidnapping by a Mexican drug cartel, she'l check with specialists on 'Stockholm syndrome
.Newscaster: Security was tight. Miss Cigne is expected to be a star witness in the trials against the drug cartel leaders who kidnapped her. Smiling for the cameras, Miss Cigne declined any questions.

Newscaster: The biggest surprise was her ride awaiting her--local power magnate and financier, Ezekiel Lyons. 'Lightning' Lyons declined to comment on any connection between himself and Miss Cigne. None is known.Newscaster: With a wave to her fans, Miss Cisne was whisked into the waiting limosine. She wasn't registered with local hospitals, public or private. She may get private treatment at Lyons' estate.




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